Crone AI Monthly Updates

Crone: an AI journal and mentor

Since we haven’t yet found solid PMF with our B2B business advisor so we’re reinventing ourselves as an AI journal and mentor. Crone is for writer/self-improvement types to think, write, and live alongside the greatest minds of all time.

  • September 2023: The plan is to test our our new MVP and sell 42 subscriptions.
  • 2023.09 Crone Plan
  • August 2023: We finish development of the new MVP for an AI journal and mentor.
  • 2023.08 Crone Update

Crone: an AI business advisor

Crone spent 9 months testing variations of an AI business advisor with both buyers and end users. We got to ~2500 signups with poor retention. The product’s primary flaw is that a business audience doesn’t have patience for 15m self-coaching sessions.

2023.07 Crone Update
2023.06 Crone Update
2023.05 Crone Update
2023.04 Crone Update
2023.03 Crone Update
2023.02 Crone Update
2023.01 Crone Update
2022.12 Crone Update
2022.11 Crone Update

2022 Prehistory

I closed a profitable SaaS in January 2022 to explore ideas in the AI productivity space. I spent most of 2022 building small MVPs in AI (AI todo lists, AI personality tests, an AI observability tool) and eventually converged on Crone as an AI business advisor.