2023.02 Crone Update

This update is for Feb 1 to March 8th.


Context: we moved to Menlo Park. The month was mostly heads-down in code.

We grew our waitlist to 2215. We pushed an insane amount of code so users could talk about top-of-mind problems:

  • reduced the HITM import process to 10 minutes per 1500 words
  • added a flexible conversational UX to create meeting agendas and plans
  • (we now have to actually import and process the data — see below)

Back in our 2022-11-update we attempted our first solution to these bottlenecks.

Problem 1: Top-of-Mind Flexibility

We need more content to (a) be more relevant, (b) offer longer-lasting value (real & perceived) to users.

We now have a HITM data processing pipeline that can process one article in 10 minutes. This will allow us to quickly expand the subjects that Crone can discuss with its end user.

We expect 4000 imported splits will give us 90% topic coverage for product people to discuss top-of-mind issues. This will likely take months, so we’re trying to get B2B commitments before an equity raise in order to accelerate process.

Problem 2: High-Fidelity Output

Crone started off with pre-built AI workbooks, but soon realized that users didn't want to be shoe-horned into a preset workbook. To solve this problem, we decided to graft into a team's 1-on-1, goal management, and check-in process to make it part of existing habits.

To that end, we built a system for having more fluid AI conversations that result in a high-fidelity meeting agenda or plan.