2023.09 Crone Update

We pivoted in August 2023 to build a "writing coach and journaling app." After testing an MVP with ~10 users, we spent September rebuilding the content creation engine to populate the new product.

  • Finished bug fixing the MVP by Sept 11
  • Finished the content engine on Sept 30

Looking Forward

  1. One week of development to implement front end changes
  2. Shift to inviting users and measuring retention in late Oct


The pivot changed the product vision significantly. Our September 3rd goal was to get to a place where users were happy and eager to pay for our new edtech-y version of Crone.

(09/30/2023) processed 250,000 quotes
(09/22/2023) finished resource importer
(09/11/2023) testing and fixing part 2 - 0.5d > 1d (2d)
(09/08/2023) testing and fixing part 1 - 0.5d > 1d (2d)
(09/06/2023) support for freemium funnel - 1d
(09/06/2023) design content release home.md - 2.5d
(09/05/2023) fix the landing page - 1d
(09/05/2023) dev tasks for f-ya (part 1) - 3d
(09/05/2023) finish course #3 - 1d
(09/04/2023) build a selection criteria engine