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Do you want to have a humble share in perpetuating wisdom among men, in gathering up the inheritance of the ages, in formulating the rules of the mind for the present time, in discovering facts and causes, in turning men's wandering eyes towards first causes and their hearts towards supreme ends, in reviving if necessary some dying flame, in organizing the propaganda of truth and goodness? That is the lot reserved for you. It is surely worth a little extra sacrifice; it is worth steadily pursuing with jealous passion.

― Antonin Sertillanges, The Intellectual Life

Reason to Exist

Crone's mission is to make the contemplative life less rare.

Civilization started with the exchange of words. We call the crown of this exchange the Great Conversation and it has kept the human spirit alive for millennia. Those who participate in the Great Conversation are said to have had a classical, humanities, or liberal arts education; or they're said to be "well-read," "cultured," or "living the contemplative life."

Crone will bring the Great Conversation to life by making active participation more rewarding than passive consumption. This strategy is described below. We will elevate humanity and its leaders by bringing the Great Conversation to life.

Strategy and Thesis

Active, Fuzzy Learning

In most markets, people default to passive learning through YouTube, podcasts, and books. But when someone launches a product that's high return-on-effort (ROE), the market consolidates around that product.

Duolingo reached 500 million users by providing a high-ROE alternative to passive language learning. Others are doing the same in music, math, memorization, and coding. (Notice that all of these fields have definite answers and clear progressions.)

AI makes it possible to create high-ROE for active learners in fields with fuzzy answers and fuzzy progressions.

When ROE flips in these fields, more people will spend more cognitive effort in exchange for a more rewarding experience. In other words, AI will cause an exodus of passive consumers becoming active learners.

Imagine this exodus in industries like self-development, leadership training, and liberal arts education. Today these industries are fragmented. But as we've seen, when someone delivers higher ROE, a market will consolidate.

A New Format

Crone recently pivoted from its initial product, an "entrepreneur coach." We spent a year iterating and watching users learn in an AI-first UX. We're now using what we’ve learned to build an "AI journal and mentor." On the new Crone, users complete bite-sized reading, writing, and journaling with the world's great minds.

This sounds like a small product. On the contrary; we're inventing a new format to be used across self- and professional- development. The internet gave us universal access to the world's great minds. The bottleneck is now the emotional and cognitive bandwidth of the learning format. Passive formats are inherently low-bandwidth as is evidenced by the preponderance of great content and the dearth of human greatness.

Non-Obvious and Inevitable

Bloom's "2-Sigma" experiments show that the average student individually tutored sits in the 98%ile of her control group.

It’s now obvious that AI will give us 2/3-sigma tutors in math, science, and other “concrete” fields. It's also obvious that ChatGPT et al. will continue to evolve as our personal advisors, giving us ad-hoc feedback in a passive paradigm.

It’s less obvious that:

  1. AI will increase rewards and decrease effort for active learners.
  2. AI will facilitate a flow state that rewards added cognitive effort.
  3. The change will be pronounced in “fuzzy” fields where high-ROE wasn’t previously possible.
  4. When ROE flips, the self- and professional- development markets will consolidate.
  5. When ROE flips, mankind will get 2/3-Sigma apprenticeships with the greatest minds of all time.

Next Steps

The thesis becomes obvious when you see the myriad of ways AI increases the ROE of active learning. Having become experts in this topic, Crone is now executing on this vision relentlessly. We're building a new format where humanity can live in active immersion with its heroes. This new format will be provide the beachhead to build an AI-first media and training company.

Imagine the world when a writer can apprentice with Woolf, a politician with Lincoln, or a producer with Oprah. Imagine how big and bold your own life could be if you were living in lockstep with the world's greatest minds.

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  1. The Great Conversation has kept the human spirit alive for millennia.
  2. Crone will bring the Great Conversation to life for 500 million.
  3. We'll reach 500 million by increasing fuzzy, active ROE.
  4. AI breakthroughs make this possible. Our moment to serve is now.
  5. Once we do it, humanity will live in active immersion with its heroes.
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