Crone AI, the Company

Crone AI, the Company

This is about Crone the company. If you’re looking for our app, visit Email all your questions to or text him at 970 471 4627.

Our Mission

Our mission is to fill the world with 100 million clear thinkers

Imagine the world if Congress could apprentice with Lincoln, founders with Jobs, and producers with Oprah. Imagine how big and bold your own life could be if you could meld minds with the greatest minds of all time.

Founding Team

Founder background

Crone was founded by me (Kyle Cureau) with help from my wife India Cureau. I previously founded Buywell $1MM ARR, Hakeema $210K ARR, and WEF’s Matterfund.

Open roles

If that mission inspires you and together you want to swing for the fences, please email me To build our founding team, I’m looking for the following:

Production Lead

We're on the hunt for a hyper-organized production lead to manage a high-velocity edutainment content pipeline. You’ll be managing the creation, deployment, and marketing of our AI workbooks. Your week is divided between writing, data-wrangling, image-editing, and marketing. We need this person to help us document and build the processes that will enable us to scale a production team.

Backend or Full-Stack Engineer

We’re looking for an engineer to lead the development of Crone’s core architecture. We need that paradoxical person who knows early-stage startup development but can handle complex software architecture. The codebase is well maintained but the schema is vast. Our AI workbooks call on 12+ models in a single session, each requiring special handling and redundancies. We’re looking for someone who can build robust testing infra and hold the entire product in their head at once. If you can see yourself taking the lead on a complex project, reach out ASAP!

UX Designer (Edutainment Lover)

We’re looking for someone with a love for edutainment and a knack for building fun and sticky interfaces. Our product is like broccoli (it tastes fine and is good for you), but we need someone to add the mac-and-cheese. This requires an ability to do visuals, animation, tailwind (you can cheat with ChatGPT), and strategic UX design. You’ll be a key contributor on individual course launches as well as the product as a whole.

Click to expand for role descriptions. Joining an early team is like being an investor. To size up our potential, read the investor docs here.

Funding Round

We’re about to kickoff an investment round. Find our deck and information below. If you’re an accredited investor, schedule time here or email us at

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