2022.12 Crone Update


We have a waitlist enabled on Crone. We got 879 signups and 1012 Twitter followers thanks to Lemon.io’s founder tweeting this tweet. There were 36.7k views and 239 likes, so 2.5% conversion and 3.7x signup:engagement. (Pretty great!). This proves interest but not solution fit. Based on previous user interviews, we’ll likely need to solve the relevancy problem to have a sticky product, which is a data-intensive problem to solve.

Top Bottlenecks

End user bottlenecks (in presumed order):

  • Not relevant: e.g., can't find content I need
  • Micro effortful I>R: e.g., it's a lot of work to complete workbooks
  • Not top-of-mind/top-need: e.g., I forget to use it
  • Macro ineffective: e.g., I don't get value from it
  • Too confusing / buggy: e.g., product is too much of a hassle to use