2023.04 Crone Update

Goals Overview

Our previous goal was to start charging users but after a couple feedback sessions, it was obvious that users didn't think the product was ready.

Since we've already learned plenty (having had 50+ user interviews since February), I spent this month entirely heads down in product.


Because this month was product focused, I can only show you a lines-of-code graph to prove the hustle is on!


Next Month

Our goal for May is to release a product that users would willingly pay for. Our goal criteria:

  • users can complete complete flows
  • there are at least 50 flows on offer
  • users are able to pay through Stripe
  • 5x more interviews to gauge user delight

Our stretch goal is to do a few more interviews. If those interviews go well, we'll launch and charge for the product in June, while scaling content and possibly fundraising.