2023.07 Crone Update


Crone isn't retaining business users well. I haven't raised any capital or made any hires. This is still a solo venture. I want to explore a B2C edtech concept with my remaining personal funds.

The new concept is a "Duolingo for history's wisdom." We'll build in August and test in Sept.

Crone Retrospective

We set out to build a "business coach" and explored iterations of that idea (e.g., a performance management tool, a memo writing tool, a professional learning tool, etc).

For each pivot, we drummed up B2B interest and converted paying users, but our retention metric have atrophied.

The primary thing that hurts Crone's retention is that a business audience doesn't have the time to sit down for 15 minute coaching sessions (at least not for the outputs Crone is able to provide). Further, coaching relevance is dictated by our app's topic coverage, and we don't have enough coverage to be relevant for any persona for any given project or goal.

Going Forward

We have reusable code, reusable processes, and a lot of hard-won lessons about building AI products. We have an idea on another products that we believe users will love more.

(Since we have no investors or employees, it's a technicality whether we start a new venture or explore our new ideas under Crone.)

The new idea is to build a B2C "writing as meditation" product. It's a Duolingo for history's wisdom. It's a learning platform that helps you think, write, and live alongside the greatest minds of all time.

We'll spend August building it and then September launching and validating it.