2023.03 Crone Update


  • Mostly heads-down in code (Below is a right-skewed lines-of-code graph showing an active product development month in April.)
  • We increased our waitlist negligibly to 2305 (from 2215)
  • We ran 7 user interviews and/or meetings-with-demos

Back in January (see 23.01.update), we pivoted away from Crone's AI goal coaching and assessment vision to seek product-market fit as a team performance management tool.

The past two months, we held extensive user interviews and tested several iterations of a tool that would assist team managers in having more effective 1-on-1s with their direct reports.

Team managers do not seem to value this highly enough to pay for it. We documented our findings extensively in perfm.readme (available at request).

We're once again rethinking our PMF search. As of March 27th, we started to explore whether GPT4's additional capabilities could help us achieve our original vision of AI personal coaching and assessment.

For more details about where we've been experimenting, see "Analogs" below.

Needless to say, I'm anxious to find PMF and demonstrate traction. Our plan is to launch this new product and make our first sell by April 21st. We'll be in touch with a new update by May 5th.


Ref: 23.03.product-todos and 23.03.evangelism for details.

  • 0.5.4 release focused on checkin and perf redesign
  • 0.5.5
    • release revamp started on March 27th at 6pm
    • March 28-31: (33) => April 5.5 (8 days if you finish by 6pm March 30 = April 4)

April Plan

Strategic goal: $1k-$1.5 sold by May to test PMF.

  • April 14:
    • Finish goal planning rewrite (see 23.03.product-todos for breakdown)
    • Start into reports product for time estimate
    • Launch w/ or w/o reports product
    • Taxes, pick move plan(8h)
  • April 21:
    • Finish onboarding, sales, data prep // close stretch goals and doc (15h)
    • First report, demo, and announcement post (15h)
    • Email waitlist with discount code + post launch updates on social for initial traction measurements
    • Invite 100 waitlist users (15h)
    • First sale
  • April 28:
    • Invite 200 waitlist users (15h)
    • Post next OKC-Reports + ads (15h)
    • Reassess GTM ROI
    • $1k sold
  • May 5:
    • $1.5k sold => backup
    • Apply to YC late if uptick

Outreach Notes

As we test PMF (23.03.thesis) we're also testing channels and GTM (23.03.evangelism). Here are the top experiments

  • Waitlist => VIP meeting or batch invite
  • Authentic reach out (people who are interested in the same field)... celeb, founder, angels (evenings). Prepare list in CRM when empty; outreach when not...
  • Posts => data and OKC-Reports/Micro to Crone&LN (bip/ai hints). Promoted post experiments (scale ads?)

Internal references

Internal references: