2023.10 Crone Update

Crone is now on solid ground as “Duolingo for literature and writing.” Outside of development, we’ve been using it ourselves on a near-daily basis.

We got our MVP to the point where users will pay for it. We have 10 paying subscribers and $109 MRR and 7 pending trial accounts. We will grow from this baseline in Nov with a target of $1000 MRR.

We have a humble start but solid footing. Our product is now robust and feels good to use, which is a big win. We launched the new paid product on Oct 21 and have been working on fixing bugs.

  • We have 7 new trials from our waitlist. 7 trial users are so far active; we have 9 WAU.
  • Most of our paid users come from the old version (two churned); those users don't seem to be active.

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