Crone Team and Values


  1. DEVOTION: Serve the inner Truth/Wisdom/Chokmah/Satguru. Know Thyself.
  2. NOBILITY: Smile, create, and give in abundance. Be prolific and useful. Imagine no difference and speak no ill.
  3. FREEDOM: Be free, open, and enjoy the gain. "No joy in the creator, no joy in the user."
  4. MOMENTUM: Move fast and be aggressive. Be a force of nature. Take the world by surprise.
  5. IRON WILL: Realize the Iron Will. Focus and follow-through. Order over entropy. Make and keep vows. Evolve to win.

Founding Team (So Far)


India Cureau

India Cureau is the COO and Chief Librarian at, where she oversees content and operations. Her life has been dedicated to helping others live intellectually-rich lives. She serves as Executive Director of PushFriday, a community for creatives. She's also held roles as Guest Lecturer at Harvard, Consultant to Google, Disney Cast Member, Book Reviewer for the School Library Journal, Librarian at Cary Memorial, and Board Director at the Boston Teen Author Festival. She holds an MLIS from Simmons University, where she fed a lifelong love of medieval manuscripts, YA literature, and comparative myth/folklore.


Kyle Cureau

Kyle Cureau is the CEO of and an experienced technical founder. His startup Hakeema reached 250,000 users and was profitable from day one. He co-founded and grew BuyWell, a data-centric CPG company, from $0 to $1M in annual revenue. He served as EIR and Dir. of Strategy at Entangled Ventures, where he led the firm's largest renewal. After Entangled, Kyle served as the Exec. Director of the World Economic Forum NGO, Matterfund, acquired by R4D. Kyle's engineering acumen spans traditional and generative AI, B2B, consumer, and patented data delivery infrastructure. He's been an IC, a manager, and a manager of managers. He's led teams from 2 to 20, from idea stage through growth and acquisition.

Open roles

We’re on a mission to make the contemplative life less rare. Read more about our vision and thesis here:


If that’s a great fit for you, email us at We’re looking for the following people to join our founding team:

Production Lead

We're on the hunt for a hyper-organized production lead to manage a high-velocity edutainment content pipeline. You’ll be managing the creation, deployment, and marketing of our AI workbooks. Your week is divided between writing, data-wrangling, image-editing, and marketing. We need this person to help us document and build the processes that will enable us to scale a production team.

Backend or Full-Stack Engineer

We’re looking for an engineer to lead the development of Crone’s core architecture. We need that paradoxical person who knows early-stage startup development but can handle complex software architecture. The codebase is well maintained but the schema is vast. Our AI workbooks call on 12+ models in a single session, each requiring special handling and redundancies. We’re looking for someone who can build robust testing infra and hold the entire product in their head at once. If you can see yourself taking the lead on a complex project, reach out ASAP!

UX Designer (Edutainment Lover)

We’re looking for someone with a love for edutainment and a knack for building fun and sticky interfaces. Our product is like broccoli (it tastes fine and is good for you), but we need someone to add the mac-and-cheese. This requires an ability to do visuals, animation, tailwind (you can cheat with ChatGPT), and strategic UX design. You’ll be a key contributor on individual course launches as well as the product as a whole.

Click to expand for role descriptions. Joining an early team is like being an investor.